Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's almost May! Whoops?

I'm going to keep trying this whole blog thing until I nail it.
Forgive the sporadic posting.

In recent news, I have returned back to the roads of academia - just as the rest of the world camps down for a long summer's nap.  Personally, I prefer summer schooling.  You're naturally happier because of the sunshine and warmth, isn't that more conducive to learning anyway?

But before we jump into SPF 40 for the summer, can we please acknowledge one of my favorite miracles of the year?  I love spring.  I just do.

Maybe I just love flowers ...
They smell lovely, they look lovely ... and you know, bring oxygen to the earth and stuff.  Which is fantastic.  I can't do that.

I'm making a tentative spring/summer to do list for the semester ... things outside of buckle down studies.

Thus far I have:
- Get a Madison County Public Library card.
- Peruse the Teton Dam Museum.   Make far to many 'dam museum' jokes.
- Become proficient at billiards ... courtesy of Cajun Bob's.
- Visit the Rexburg Farmer's Market as often as possible ...
- Start a garden ... a real one - in the ground! None of those massive planters non-sense this time around ...
 - Be able to effectively use all the speeds on my bike by the end of the summer.  And be able to bike anywhere. 
- See a drive-in movie.
- Eat at the very least one tiger's blood snow cone.
- Picnic at least once a month.
- Learn three new tunes for my guitar, five for my ukulele.
- Buy and use one more pack of Polaroid film ...

Ok, who am I kidding on the last one?

Up next ... the summer's playlist.