Saturday, November 29, 2008

Falling Action

In literature, after the climax of the story, there's only falling action left to resolve the story.

That is what I have left to look forward to for the next few weeks.

If you know me, happen to be in the neighborhood, and read this, help me make the last two weeks interesting. Would you?

I now have only Christmas to work toward, to wake me up in the morning. It should be enough, it was enough to get me out of bed all year for the first seven or eight years of my life. Plus this year, I don't have to start a highly intimidating and stressful job the day after I get home.

So, lets reflect on the past two weeks.

Well first of all, my lovely and dear sister, Ellie, hopped a plane to visit. Oh, how I love that kid. She is easily one of my favorite people of all time. She made my week for those few days she visited and I hope she'll consider seeing me again out here. I hope she enjoyed herself.

As all my friends now know, she's the coolest 17 year-old you'll ever meet.

The Duddings know how to make cool kids - it's a fact.

She came in late on Wednesday night, (more like very early Thursday morning) and stayed until we drove her to the airport on Sunday. In the days in between, she went to a few classes with me, toured Rexburg, and met my exceptional friends. Ellie - you're another reason why I can't wait for Christmas.

Once she was left in Salt Lake, the wagon went onward.

To Denver.

And as the fates smiled upon me, I spent the week with a few of the choicest people you can find.

Namely ...


I pretty much just wanted a reason to put those cool pictures up.

The Weaver family opened their home to Tami and I for the week while we ventured through the city. We were both warmly welcomed. I am sincerely grateful for everything they did and had planned for us - they are truly spectacular people. They made me feel part of the family for Thanksgiving - something I will and have missed out on for a while.

Taylor comes from a good stock. The pictures above are from our day at the Denver Zoo -one of the many larks we fell into during the week. It was exquisite. Among other things, we went to this bookstore that could have been a shrine to the written word, saw Quantum of Solace after an evening of homemade pizza and ice cream, visited the zoo, bowled in the hippest venue available, and dressed up and went to a Nuggets game. We also visited Blaine's house and family. He too comes from a very good stock.

All in all, the trip was exactly what I needed and wanted. Sublime. I wish I was still in Denver. I had high expectations for the trip, I admit, but Denver met them effortlessly.

Good thing I plan on going back someday. There was so much we still need to do.

I know it will, (it always does) but Christmas and the surrounding winter break, you have a lot to live up to.

Until then, we must endure to the end, right?


don_dudding said...

Great pictures, Liv! It looks and sounds like you had a great time! Now it's time to buckle down and get your work done so you can come home to us! really are a good writer!

Love, mom and dad

Herlinda said...

i'm so glad you had such a good time in Denver! great pictures by the way.

Herlinda said...

oh, and yes! Your sister is the coolest 17 yearold i've met so far. I really enjoyed talking with her.

SarahJo said...

Dang those Dudding Girls are smoking!

Love the pictures! Denver definitely looks good from your lense.