Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010, the First Chapter

Also known as January.

I have no more excuses - legitimate or otherwise - to put off writing in my blog.
Besides, I love writing in my blog, I remind myself.

So for the first leg of 2010, I have rejoined my family in Ohio.  I'm back in my rose/blush colored room with the window that faces the gargantuan pine trees that line our drive.

It's come down to one of those times to earn money for a spell before I'm shipped off to academia again.  And truthfully, I have enjoyed it.

Spending time with my family, the folks who look and talk like me, and who for the most part, follow my line of thinking, and with whom I can stay up with laughing, who appreciate good healthy food, and music and adventures, has been good.

And I got a job.  I work "front house" for a very local, very delicious, restaurant called "Kiser's BBQ."  Located in the Market on State, it's just this tiny little barbecue shack tucked in the mall next to the theater.  It's an impressive operation for what feels sometimes as such a small business.  I see my boss, the restaurant owner, every single day I work.  Everyone is so nice and understanding.  And the food is delicious.  Which you know, doesn't exactly compliment the figure, but I go back to school soon enough - back to walking everywhere I go.

School.  I'm glad we've taken some space.  I think it's been good for the both of us.
I needed a break.  But that doesn't mean I've been resting on my laurels, mind you.

In fact, for not being in school, I've learned plenty.

I've learned to play the ukulele.
I've learned several new crochet stitches.
I've learned how to sell BBQ pretty darn well.
I've learned that frankly, I'm not that shabby at tetris. Ok, not normal tetris, but I like it.

I've realized the actual potential of snow days.  Now that I'm out of school ...

I've rediscovered the immense value of the public library.
I've upped my photography game.
I've had a lot of fun.

And I'm enlivened and ready for the rest of the this.

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monica said...

those are some pretty great things you have learned. umm..i thought you were going to post some of your snowday pics??